Why Have You Defined The Final Topic In The Way You Did?

The choice of your topic will be largely discussed during your viva, so you have to be prepared to answer how you came up with the final version of it. Usually, the topic is really refined, so this question shouldn’t surprise you. However, there are some important elements you must include.

Defining Your Final Topic

  • Topics that cover two or more fields.
  • Usually, dissertation writing for engineers and scientists is pretty straightforward and laconic. But when it comes to social or political fields, you can get all the colors of the spectrum. It’s not unusual for a historian to write a dissertation on history and economics. Here you have to address both of your fields and explain why you needed both.

  • Short evolution of your path.
  • Show how your topic changed and explain why you decided to go with the final version. You could say that the previous ones weren’t strong enough and you wanted to dig deeper, which your original versions didn’t allow.

Issues You Can Pinpoint
When you’re creating a thesis, either on your own or with the help of a thesis writing service, you will likely make major changes as you discover new ideas, and may encounter some issues.

  • New perspectives.
  • When you originally define your topic before you do any research, it is likely to change as you research more and more. Some sources and information you won’t find straightaway, but as you delve deeper they will guide your research.

  • Fresh sources and evidence.
  • With some topics, new sources appear constantly. Sometimes you even need a dissertation assistance service to cope with the amount of information you find. Some of the new evidence you find might alter the course of your research.

  • Your personal attitude.
  • This also happens quite often in some fields. It would mostly cover social, political, philosophical, or even legal studies. If you change your mind or find something preventing you from sticking to your original idea, you have to stress this during your viva.

Deciding on the Scope of Your Work
It’s pretty easy within technical fields, but for others, it’s crucial to know when it’s time to stop. It’s extremely hard to stay within your topic when you’re majoring in political science, for example. That involves history and economics more than any other field, but you still have to stick to just one topic. You might also find that you can’t use some cases, as their explanation and meaning would involve other spheres. With other topics, where you have plenty of evidence, choosing what you need most is even tougher.

Try to prepare and rehearse this question a few times so you find the perfect wording and legitimate reasons for your work. Keep in mind, if you did the work yourself, you can trace your thoughts and answer it fairly easily.

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