What are the core methods used in this thesis?

A methodology question is usually one of the easiest during your viva. If you’re submitting your dissertation in parts, you know how important it is to jump to your methodology right after you finish your dissertation proposal. Help with this question is usually less needed, as you already know what methods you used and why.

The Type of Approach of Your Thesis Research

Most students during their dissertation writing use an inductive approach to research, as they follow a strict guide and have a core question. Not many choose a deductive approach, though it’s possible with some disciplines. You don’t need any reason to choose one, you’re basically trying to answer a pre-set question, so it should be inductive without saying.

You could say an inductive approach would help you systematize your research data better and make your conclusions more definite. If you’re researching a new or controversial topic, you might want to use a deductive topic, as it would help you remain objective while better showcasing the controversy and different opinions.

Research Methods You Included

In your answer, you also have to re-state your methods and briefly explain why you chose them. Students who work with technical studies and STEM usually don’t need any assistance with this part of the question, as their research methods and reasons are pretty obvious. When you’re working with social sciences, it’s not that easy, so students often need a thesis helper to decide their methods. The most common research methods used in a thesis are questionnaires, case studies, and individual interviews. You have to understand the benefits of each of these, to see why you chose it for your work:

  • Questionnaires.
  • These allow you to work with many people simultaneously and provide you with answers to precise questions. This is a perfect choice for political sciences and those working with definite questions.

  • Case studies.
  • This is a perfect choice for psychology dissertations or biological fields. Case studies allow you to dive deeply into the subject and find interesting examples for your thesis.

  • Interviews.
  • Interviews are an interesting way to research, but they only show you one perspective. This could be the best choice for narrow fields or those where you need deep knowledge without multiple perspectives.

There are many other ways to do your research and all of them could be easily justified. To answer a question about your ideal research, you should talk about having more data with deeper connections, more case studies, or other tools you could use. Emphasizing that for better results you would need better tools, is also a good idea. In some fields equipment is necessary, and without it, your conclusions fade drastically. However, if your field does not match your academic expectations, but you still have to conduct research to get a degree, sometimes it’s easier to pay for dissertation online and free yourself from long-lasting struggles.

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