How To Start Writing Your Dissertation

Dissertation or your thesis work is one of the most feared things among the students. As it’s the writing of primary importance, they tend to focus and stress over it a lot. There are many kinds of dissertation writing help in forms of guides, meetings, courses, etc. Those can help you a lot, but the most important thing is to calm down and get to work, and only you can do that.

Dealing with Most Common Issues in Dissertation Writing

There are some problems 99% of the students encounter when they have to work on their thesis. If you know those, you should be aware of them and try not to give into them. Your dissertation assistant can be of great help with some of those, as they can guide you and talk to you about your worries.

  1. Overthinking.
  2. Many students have done it before, so even though it’s an important project, you don’t need to stress out. The best way to deal with overthinking is to search the net for some dissertation help and samples to see what you actually need to do. If you can find something closer to your topic, so you understand the meaning of it, you’ll see that everything is quite simple.

  3. Procrastination.
  4. This is the most common issue with students, but there are ways to fight it. Go outside, reach your assistant or your mentor. If you talk to them and they describe you the task, you’ll feel better. The thing is, we feel procrastination when we don’t clearly have a plan of what we need to do.

  5. Lack of critical thinking.
  6. This can be of great writing help, as you research your sources and study the groundwork, You need to make a lot of conclusions and formulate your own opinion. Critical thinking should help you distinguish among the sources and deal with overwhelming amounts of information.

Understanding the Dissertation Writing Process
When you are done worrying, you can start writing your thesis. You should know, that it’s possible you can’t finish it on time, are overstressed, ect., so there is another option, you can turn to a dissertation service. That’s quite a common thing and you can be sure that they’ll do a great job. But if you want to write it yourself, you should break down the process into manageable chunks.

  1. Understanding what the project is.
  2. We have many myths about dissertations. It’s not that important and not the whole world will see it. In fact, only some professors will read it, and that’s all. Don’t get stuck with perfectionism there. Also, keep in mind that it just shows that you can conduct a research and find new, actual data. That’s it.

  3. Choose a topic and a format.
  4. The topic is crucial and you need to spend some time thinking about it. Talking about the format, try to choose something simple. It will be easier for you and you won’t be confused.

  5. Write a proposal.
  6. This is not complex, and you only need to take a look at couple examples before you can do your own. It should contain information about your methods, your research, why the topic is important, etc.

  7. Do your research.
  8. While it may be more rich and full, it’s still the same research you’ve done in high school or your first years of college.

  9. Create an outline.
  10. It’s not always mandatory, or you may create one just for yourself. This will show you what’s next and help you in the process.

  11. Write.
  12. Just that simple. Keep a sample in front of you, see how they go with the resources, and just do something similar.

  13. Proofread with your mentor.
  14. They are supposed to help you find the mistakes or white spots you have and edit it.

The dissertation is not complex and the project is highly overrated. Just calm down and focus on what you do to get it done.

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