What Are The Most Original (Or Value-Added) Parts Of Your Thesis?

There are different ways to answer this question depending on the topic of your bachelor thesis writing project and ways in which you’ve achieved your goals.

Important Points That You May Indicate

  • Your research area.
    If your project concentrates on a study area, like a particular town, for instance, that nobody in your field ever researched before, you may indicate it as the strength of your paper. Even if your topic is something trivial like the study of the impact of motivation on the productivity of employees, your unique study area allows it to make a meaningful contribution to the general knowledge.

  • Your methods.
  • By selecting an original set of methods, you may make a good contribution too. For instance, if you study a topic that has been researched by somebody else but use a new set of methods in the process, you may find some new and interesting data. You may get PhD help from your professor when choosing your methodology if you want it to be unique.

  • Dealing with new issues.
  • Your thesis might be written on a topic that hasn’t been much studied before. The fact that you’re brave enough to dig into an unknown study area is a good argument already. Supporting it with explanations about what you did to achieve maximally accurate results will only strengthen your point.

  • Your findings.
  • Sometimes, the results of research might surpass the expectations of a scholar. If you study has provided very important information that will be quite useful for other researchers and maybe even ordinary people, you should definitely indicate it as a distinguishable part of your thesis.

How to Prepare for the Best Dissertation Defense

This is only one question that your committee members are likely to ask you. To prepare for your defense properly, it’s recommended to learn about other popular questions and be ready to answer them in the most effective way.
I asked my family members and friends who knew about my project to drill me with different questions while I was preparing for my defense. As a result, on the day of the defense, the majority of questions asked by my committee members didn’t surprise or unbalance me.
In short, you may tell about different points when explaining why your dissertation is original and valuable. You may indicate your unique research area, describe your unorthodox methodology, emphasize the fact that you’ve explored a new topic, and state the significance of your actual findings.

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