How Your Findings Contradict The Literature In This Field

This is a really important question for the successful passing of your viva. It asks about the uniqueness of your work and tests if you can justly evaluate your own input. It shows if you can pinpoint the similarities and differences present in your work, compared to those of others.

Answering a Similarity Question

Your undergraduate dissertation will be similar to other works in many ways. Even if you spend years conducting research, collecting data, and writing your thesis, it will still be based on the works of others. This is especially true for STEM and more technical fields where you have certain boundaries and rules to follow.
Social fields are slightly different, but you are still mainly working with already collected data and hypotheses. You have to show that you used the same data and name the scholars whose papers you worked with. It’s good to be precise, but you still have to acknowledge other works more broadly. If you need further viva thesis help to answer this question, try to specify other scholars’ points you agree with.

Stating the Difference of Your Work

You can’t write a completely unique thesis, no matter if you’re working on your own or with a dissertation help service. But it will still be really special, and you should specify the points where you think it is unique. Your work may be different due to many reasons, including:

  • Timing.
  • If your thesis topic is not really researched and you can only find similar studies that were carried out a long time ago, you can pinpoint the timing difference. Twenty or even ten years ago, people looked at things differently, so your modern research brings a totally different perspective and opens new horizons.

  • An opposite view.
  • Science is supposed to be objective and selfless, but it’s not always the case with many topics. If your thesis is on a controversial topic, you can state that you chose to look at the issue from a different angle. Or you might say the perspective of the previous scholar wasn’t objective and you tried to make it so. But you have to be careful with this, as it can be tricky.

  • A unique source of data.
  • You are using different data, new primary sources, and have conducted your own research, so you might get new results and unexpected correlations. This will make your work different and bring more weight to it.

This is not a tough question to answer, but you have to concentrate and prepare for it. Try to remember some scholar names and pinpoint the general similarities of your work. Also, make sure you explain your perspective and why your thesis is different.

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