Conclusions Of Your Research: How Innovative Or Valuable Are They?

Questions about your conclusions and their value are asked quite often, which is why you should prepare your answer in advance. A thesis for PhD is mostly based on works of other people, but still possesses your own observations and findings. So, the question itself is not tricky. The complication is you have to address your work quickly.

Finding the ‘Bottom Line’ of Your Research

  • Re-state the most powerful points.
  • Your conclusion might be long, but you should briefly address some of the points you made in your conclusion. If these were mentioned by someone else in their work, address your dissertation literature review and acknowledge their work.

  • Re-state the purpose of your research.
  • Stating these points is not enough, you have to connect them to a major idea. This should be the purpose of your research. You also should explain why this is an important topic to research and how it can benefit the future.

  • Include a unique point.
  • Show how your work is different from others and pinpoint an interesting detail. Share how you came to your observations and how they change a common view on the issue.

The Value of Your Conclusions

The key to answering this question is keeping in mind the whole purpose of your dissertation. Consider why you chose your topic in the first place and why your findings matter. The innovation part is easier, and if the topic is fresh, your conclusions will be innovative and bold. If the topic has been frequently used before, emphasize your perspective. There are other reasons why your conclusions could be important, such as:

  • They help other people.
  • If your topic is created to make the life of those around you slightly easier, indicate this. This could benefit society or a small group of people, serve the greater good or help the environment.

  • They make a scientific breakthrough.
  • If you have something truly revolutionary in your work, state it.

  • They share a new perspective on the case.
  • There is always a new look or a fresh perspective, which can shed some light on things no one noticed before.

Always prepare for your viva in advance. You might need some dissertation help with your oral examination preparation, so you could ask your friend to do a short rehearsal with you. Stress the important things and restate your purpose or thesis statement. Always connect your larger ideas to the future and show how important they could be. Remember, systematizing knowledge is also crucial for science, so your research always does something good.

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