Which Findings Would You Say Are Distinctively Your Own?

This is a frequently asked question, which still makes students stumble during their viva. Students base their dissertations on the works and findings of others, which is why this question unbalances them. Furthermore, the answer can be completely different for different fields and topics.

Some Possible Ways to Answer This Question

  • None.
  • Personally, I know people who majored in STEM fields, primarily math, who answered this question in this way and survived their viva. If your thesis deals with calculus, it might not have any new findings. So instead, you might offer a perspective and summarize the knowledge, in which case, you should state this point.

  • Your own conclusion.
  • The conclusion is one of the hardest parts, which is why so many people turn to thesis writing services to get it done. If you come to your own conclusion that was not stated in different research works before, this is your unique finding.

  • Data you found.
  • If, during your research, you found some correlations and interesting hypotheses that came to be true, you have to emphasize this. With many topics that are not widely researched, it’s pretty possible for this to happen.

  • Your observations.
  • If you choose a new topic (or make interesting combinations in different fields) you will most likely draft a whole lot of observations, hypotheses and statements. These will be fully yours and will impress your scholars, especially if you get some effective online dissertation writing help on different websites for your topic.

Tips on Gathering Your Thoughts Together for Your Thesis Defense

Writing a dissertation might seem easier than going to your viva. After all, you can always get some help or buy dissertation to ensure it’s as perfect as possible. But in your viva you’re all alone, which is why you have to remember a couple of things:

  • Take a copy of your thesis.
  • You are always allowed to have a copy of your dissertation with you, which will also be a mental support tool. It will calm you down.

  • Ask for a repeat of the question.
  • This will win you some crucial time to prepare and collect all of your thoughts together.

Defending your thesis is not nearly as hard as it might seem if you remember that your scholars are just regular people. Remember that you’ve done all of your work, dug for data, and found interesting things that will help further research. There is always something unique about your dissertation.

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