Explain How You Chose This Topic For Your Doctorate?

Choosing a topic for your undergraduate dissertation is always an intriguing decision, which requires a good explanation. It’s interesting to learn how a student chooses their topic, so your scholars are likely to ask this.

Factors to Include in Your Answer

The key is not to rush the answers. You most likely are interested in the topic, and perhaps you also had some good sources and cases before choosing it. If you have the chance, talk to your thesis helper or supervisor and ask why this idea could be important for the future. Generally, you can address some basic things that usually answer the questions well, such as:

  • Explain why the topic is important to you.
  • Say why you decided to go with that topic. This could be a time to address your personal beliefs and values.

  • Say there is not enough research.
  • The topic you’ve chosen needs crucial answers, and you don’t see any progress in the sphere, so you want to address this. Usually, there are blank spots even in the most researched spheres, so don’t give up if you can’t think of anything immediately.

  • Choose one thing that was your starting point.
  • State what got your attention at first. Maybe you noticed one issue that bugged your mind, maybe you knew something has been wrong for a long time, or maybe something else is involved. This should be the one thing that made you passionate about the topic and shaped your direction of research.

  • State that you can make a difference.
  • Your research can make a difference for scientists and future students. Scholars usually like to hear this and should be pleased to see your enthusiasm.

If your thesis is between two fields, like economics and political science, you also have to include why you decided to choose this mixed option. You might say, for example, that the topics are intertwined and looking at them from one perspective would be short-sighted. There are plenty of spheres you can’t cover with only one topic.

Answering a Question on the Evolution of Your Thesis Topic

All dissertation topics evolve over time, and you have to explain how. If you started with one idea and ended up in another place, explain how that happened. If you worked with a thesis writing service, you can still trace the evolution of your work. It’s also a good idea to show your original idea was different from the final version, but the findings opened a different perspective in front of you.

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